Aileen Carol Wuornos

Reign of terror: December 1989 - January 1991

Motive: Hatred of men


Date Victim Crime Place found
December 1989 Richard Mallory Murder Daytona Beach, 13/12/89
19/05/90 David Spears Murder Tampa, 04/06/90
31/05/90 Charles Carskaddon Murder 06/06/90,Pasco County
22/06/90 Peter Siems Murder Body never found
30/07/90 Troy Burress Murder 04/08/90, Ocala National Park
- Dick Humphries Murder 12/09/90, Marion County
- Walter Antonio Murder 19/11/90, Dixie County

Method: Shot several times with a .22 pistol.

Sentence: On 28th January 1992, she was sentenced to death by electric chair. She was executed by lethal injection on 9th October 2002.

Interesting facts: Aileen had a disturbed childhood. She was thrown out of her grandparents house at the age of 15 when she became pregnant. The child was put up for adoption. She soon became a prostitute in Florida. She had an extensive criminal record by the time she was finally arrested.

Wuornos found her victims by hitchhiking. It is likely she either told them her car was broken down and she needed to get back to her children, or her rides knew she was a prostitute. With all the murders, she claimed she had killed them through self-defence when they tried to rape her. This is unlikely, as each victim had been shot in the chest many times, when the first shot would probably have stopped them.

Some of the bodies were hard to identify. Mallory had to have his fingers floated in saline solution and then have his fingerprints taken before he was identified. Spears was identified through dental records. Carskaddon had to have a full facial reconstruction. Siems' body was never found.

As well as killing the victims, Wuornos also stole their cars, dumping them at a later date.

Wuornos' lover, Tyria Moore, may have been an accomplice. After they were both arrested, she agreed to help the police if no charges were pressed against her. She encouraged Wuornos to confess, and later gave evidence against her at the trial.

It is said that by the time Wuornos was executed, she was no longer of sound mind, and should not have therefore been executed.

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