Anthony Sinclair

Date of crime: 11/11/78

Motive: He wanted to know what it was like to have sex with a boy.

Crime: The murder of Paul Kingsley, aged 11, in Bradford.

Method: He strangled Kingsley by mistake after having had sex with him.

Sentence: He was found not guilty of murder, and received 7 years imprisonment for manslaughter.

Interesting facts: According to the pathologist, this occasion was not the first time Paul had engaged in homosexual acts as a passive partner - he had endulged frequently in the past. The last act however had been forceful.

The way in which Sinclair was found guilty was based on forensic evidence. In Sinclair's home a pair of trousers were found that were made out of identical fibres to some found on the clothes of Kingsley. This was not enough evidence to prosecute him with however. Then 4 red fibres were found on Paul's clothes, and 5 of the same fibres were also found on the trousers of Sinclair. A towel was found in Sinclair's home which matched all nine red fibres. This was enough evidence.