George Shotton

Date of crime: Winter 1919

Motive: Revenge and jealousy

Crimes: The murder of his "wife" (it was a bigamous marriage) Mamie Stuart, who worked as a chorus girl.

Method: Although she was killed in 1919, the body was not found until 1961. This meant that the coroner could not tell the cause of death, as there was no soft tissue or organs present. The body had been inexpertly cut into three equal pieces.

Sentence: No sentence was given, as by the time they caught up with him he was dead. He died in 1958 at the age of 78 of natural causes.

Interesting facts: The body was hidden in a cave near Caswell Bay near Swansea. The postman witnessed him putting a bundle - the body - in the boot of his car. Shotton had been shocked to see him, as he thought the postman was a policeman.