Buck Ruxton

Nickname: Bodies under the bridge

Date of crime: 15/09/35

Motive: Jealousy

Crimes: Murder of his wife, Isabella Ruxton, and his nursemaid, Mary Jane Rogerson at his home in Lancaster.

Method: It was difficult to decide upon the cause of death, as the bodies were cut up and mutilated in a very professional manner. However, from the recovered parts, it was decided that Mary Rogerson was probably asphyxiated and Mrs Ruxton was manually strangled.

Sentence: Ruxton was hanged at Strangeways Prison on 12th May 1936.

Interesting facts: The bodies were found in a remote part of Scotland. The police would not have known the culprit so quickly if it weren't for the fact that one of the body pieces was wrapped up in a piece of special edition Sunday Graphic only sold in the Lancaster area.

After the murder, Ruxton did several things that were quite stupid. Whilst disposing of the bodies, he had cut his hand, and he told everyone he met about it, saying he had cut it whilst opening a can. He also invited one of his patients home to help him tidy up. She saw blood stains all over the house - on carpets, in the bath and on an old suit he tried to give her.

One of the ways that identification was proved was by the use of photographs. A photo of Mrs Ruxton was superimposed onto one of the skulls. There was a perfect match.