Richard Ramirez

Nickname: The Night Stalker

Reign of terror: 17/3/85 - 31/8/85

Motive: He enjoyed it.

Crimes: Ramirez was charged with 63 crimes: including 13 murders, and 30 other offences including attempted murder, rape and sexual assaults.

These offences include:
Date Victim Crime Method Place
June 1984 Jennie Vincow Rape and murder - -
17/3/85 Maria Hernandez Attempted murder Shot Rosemead, Los Angeles
17/3/85 Dayle Okasaki Murder Shot Rosemead, Los Angeles
17/3/85 Tsai Lian Yu Murder Shot Monterey Park, LA
27/3/85 Vincent Zazzara Murder Shot Near the San Gabriel freeway
27/3/85 Maxine Zazzara Murder Shot, stabbed and her eyes were gouged out Near the San Gabriel freeway
14/4/85 William Doi Murder Shot in the head Monterey Park, LA
14/4/85 Lillie Doi Attempted murder Savagely beaten Monterey Park, LA
30/5/85 Carol Kyle Rape - Burbank, LA
27/6/85 Patty Elaine Higgins Murder Slashed throat Arcadia, LA
2/7/85 Mary Louise Cannon Murder Slashed throat Arcadia, LA
5/7/85 Whitney Bennet Attempted murder Beaten with a crowbar Arcadia, LA
7/7/85 Joyce Lucille Nelson Murder Beaten to death and strangled Monterey Park, LA
7/7/85 Sophie Dickman Rape and Robbery - Monterey Park
20/7/85 Max and Lela Kneiding Murder Shot. Lela was also stabbed repeatedly. Glendale, LA
20/7/85 Chainarong Khovananth Murder Shot Sun Valley, LA
20/7/85 Somkid Khovananth GBH and rape - Sun Valley, LA
5/8/85 Christopher and Virginia Peterson Attempted murder - -
9/8/85 Elyas Abowath Murder Shot San Gabriel Valley
9/8/85 Sakina Abowath GBH and rape Beaten San Gabriel Valley
17/8/85 Barbara and Peter Pan Murder Shot in the head Lake Merced
24/8/85 William Carns Attempted murder Shot 3 times in the head Mission Viego
24/8/85 Inez Erickson Rape - Mission Viego

Sentence: Ramirez was sentenced to death, and is at present on death row in San Quentin jail.

Interesting facts: There is a suggestion that Ramirez was a satanist. Whilst raping several of his victims he forced them to swear to Satan or say that they loved Satan. It has also been pointed out that many of his murders coincide with satanic ceremonies as described in Profiling Violent Crimes by Ronald M. Holmes (1989). These take place for 3 weeks beginning in mid-March, on May Day, and in February and August.