Barry Prudom

Reign of terror: 17/06/82 - 01/06/82

Motive: Unknown

Date Victim Crime Place
17 June PC David Haigh Murder Norwood Edge, North Yorkshire
20 June Freda Jackson False imprisonment Torksey, Lincolnshire
23 June George Luckett Murder Girton, Nottinghamshire
24 June PC Kenneth Oliver Attempted murder Bickley, North Yorkshire
28 June PS David Winter Murder Old Malton, North Yorkshire

Method: Shot with a .22 calibre bullet.

Sentence: Prudom committed suicide when the police finally found him on 4th July 1982.

Interesting facts: Despite the police searching hard for Prudom, he continued to disappear following each murder, for over a week. Finally he was tracked down with the help of a survival expert, Eddie McGee.

The night prior to his discovery, Prudom had spent his time in the home of elderly Mr and Mrs Maurice Johnson and their son. He had tied them up and held them captive for the evening, but later untied them. Throughout the night, he apparently confessed to everything he had done in the previous fortnight. At 5am the following morning, he left their house, and was found later that day in a wood close to their home.