Harry McKenny and John Childs

Nickname: Big Harry

Reign of terror: 1974 - 1978

Motive: Money





August 1974 Terence "Teddy Bear" Eve Murder Goodmayes, Essex
January 1975 Robert Brown Murder London
4/1/75 George Brett Murder Goodmayes, Essex
4/1/75 Terry Brett Murder Goodmayes, Essex
July 1978 Freddie Sherwood Murder Herne Bay
October 1978 Ronald Andrews Murder Poplar, London

Method: Eve was beaten up with a pipe and an axe and then strangled.

Brown was shot three times, axed and stabbed with both a knife and a sword.

The others were shot in the head. Sherwood was also clubbed. All the bodies were burnt.

Sentence: Childs got life imprisonment, whilst McKenny got life with a recommendation of at least 25 years.

Interesting facts: Terry Brett was the young son of George Brett. He was an innocent bystander who witnessed the murder of his father.

The bodies were burnt in the fireplace of Childs' house, after they had tried unsuccesfully to mince the body or dispose of it down the toilet. Detectives reconstructed this burning using an 11 stone pig to prove that it was possible.