Archibald Hall

Nickname: Roy Fontaine

Reign of terror: 1977 - 1978

Motive: To conceal his lucrative crimes.




Relationship to Hall



Place buried

- David Wright His ex-lover Murder Shot in the back of the head Kirkleton, Dumfriesshire
8/12/77 Dorothy Scott-Elliot Wife of his employer Murder Suffocated with a pillow Comrie
12/12/77 Walter Scott-Elliot MP His employer Murder Tried to strangle him, but eventually hit over the head with a spade Glen Affric
13/12/77 Mary Coggle His accomplice Murder Battered with a poker and suffocated with a plastic bag A river in Middlebie, near Lockerbie
14/1/78 Donald Hall His brother Murder Chloroformed and drowned in a bath -

Sentence: In Scotland, for the murder of Walter Scott-Elliot and David Wright, Hall got a minimum of 15 years imprisonment, whilst Michael Kitto, his accomplice got no time limit to his imprisonment.
In England, Kitto got 15 years imprisonment, whilst Hall got life, with a recommendation that he never be released.

Interesting facts: When Hall and Kitto were caught, the body of Donald Hall was still in the boot of their car. Hall escaped through a toilet window. When he was recaptured, he tried to commit suicide twice using secret stashes of barbiturate tablets that he had hidden up his rectum.

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