Mark Edmonds

Date of crime: 18/9/1984

Motive: To steal �40 from the gas meter

Crimes: Murder of Cicely Browne and her 5 year old daughter Khadine Browne, in Lincoln.

Method: Both were stabbed repeatedly with a sheath knife.

Sentence: Two concurrent life sentences on 24th May 1985.

Interesting facts: Edmonds broke into Cecile's house on the Tuesday night. Neighbours did not discover the bodies until Thursday evening. The murderer had left his bloodstained clothes behind and stolen some of Cecile's clothes. The identity of the suspect was established very quickly, as 11 separate fingerprints were found throughout the house. Edmonds' fingerprints were on file, as he had attempted to burgle a shop several months before in the same area.

Edmonds was arrested on 22nd September in London. He admitted he had killed them, but said he had an accomplice. This was not the case.

After he had murdered Cecile and Khadine, Edmonds fled north. He retraced this journey with the police following his arrest, showing them where he had discarded the knife in Ellingham, Northumberland.