John Duffy and David Mulcahy

Nickname: The Railway Murderer

Reign of terror: 1982 - 1986

Motive: Sex







10/6/82-21/10/86 Various Rape - Railway stations
29/12/85 Alison Day 19 Murder Hackney
17/4/86 Maartje Tamboezer 15 Murder East Horsley
18/5/86 Anne Lock 29 Murder Brookman's Park

Method: Rape, then strangulation with string. A sock was stuffed down their throats. Maartje Tamboezer's body had been set on fire.

Sentence: Duffy - two murders, four rapes - 30 years. In 2001, he was given a further 12 years in addition ot this for a further 17 rapes.

Mulcahy - three life sentences for the murder of the three women, and for seven further rapes.

Interesting facts:A massive investigation into the spate of rapes took place in 1985. Duffy was on the list of suspects, along with 4874 others, as he had been reported for violence against his wife. One of the investigators thought he resembled the description given by one of the victims, and so he was questioned and put on an ID parade. However, the victim failed to pick him out and he was released.

Professor David Canter, an eminent behavioural scientist, provided the police with a psychological profile of the murderer. Out of 17 points that he came up with, 13 of them matched perfectly with John Duffy.

Duffy was convicted in 1988 of two of the murders - he was acquitted of the rape of Anne Lock. In 1997, he finally spoke about his crimes, admitting his involvement in this murder, and implicating Mulcahy in all of them. He was arrested and tried in 2000.