As part of my Master's degree in Criminal Justice Studies, I had to do a dissertation. This is it. Feel free to read it. If you want to use any of it, remember to acknowledge me appropriately - it is a breach of copyright laws otherwise.

If you want to talk to me about anything raised in it, please contact me.

Crimes of Passion: Should they be distinguished from the offence of murder in England and Wales?


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Chapter 1

      1.1 Offences - Murder and Manslaughter

      1.2 Sentencing

      1.3 Defences against murder

      1.4 The status of the crime of passion

Chapter 2

      2.1 Introduction

      2.2 Jurisdictions where crimes of passion are incorporated directly

      2.3 Jurisdictions where crimes of passion are incorporated indirectly

Chapter 3

      3.1 Introduction

      3.2 Legal effects

         3.2.1 Individualisation and the mandatory life sentence

         3.2.2 Battered women

      3.3 Social issues

         3.3.1 Acceptance of murder

         3.3.2 Punishment

Chapter 4

      4.1 Offence or defence?

      4.2 Incorporating the crime of passion

      4.3 Conclusion


This dissertation is copyright to Ruth Buddell, April 2001

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