Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen

Dr Crippen Date of crime: Around 1st February 1910

Motive: She was about to leave him, taking half his life savings. She was also in the way of his affair.

Crimes: Murder of his wife, Cora Crippen, alias Belle Elmore, in Islington, London.

Method: Poisoned using hyoscine hydrobromide.

Sentence: Death sentence. Dr Crippen was hanged on 23rd November 1910.

Interesting facts: Dr Crippen nearly got away with his crime, as athough friends of Cora Crippen were suspicious, the police at first found nothing suspicious about her disappearance, as a plausible reason for it had been given. When Crippen and his lover, Ethel Le Neve, disappeared themselves, the police also became suspicious and seached their house, 39 Hilldrop Crescent. Under the floor of the cellar they found Cora's body. It had been expertly dismembered.

Crippen and his lover had fled to Belgium where they caught a ship to Quebec, posing as "Mr Robinson" and son. The captain of the ship had read about Crippen's crime and recognised them for who they really were. Using the new wireless system on the ship, he sent a radio telegram to Britain telling them of his suspicions. Scotland Yard caught a faster ship, which intercepted Crippen's at St Lawrence Estuary, where he was arrested and taken back to Britain. This was the first time that the wireless had been used to catch a criminal.