Daniel Camargo

Nickname: Beast of the Andes

Reign of terror: 1984 - 1986

Motive: "Revenge for several years of humiliation" according to Camargo.

Crimes: He raped and murdered over 70 young girls in a period of 15 months in Ecuador. Previously however, he had raped and possibly killed many girls in Colombia.

Method: Various.

Sentence: 16 years - the maximum sentence available in Equador.

Interesting facts: According to Camargo, he killed because he wanted revenge on woman's unfaithfulness. He hated them for not being what women are supposed to be - his victims were all virgins.

Camargo is suspected of killing many more girls than the 71 murders he was convicted for - a Colombian journalist, Alberto Uribe Gomez, believes that he committed at least 80 more murders in Colombia.