Ted Bundy

Reign of terror: 25/11/73 - 9/2/78

Motive: Sex


Date Victim Victim's age Crime Place Body found
25/11/73 Kathy Devine 15 Murder Seattle 6/12/73
4/1/74 Sharon Clarke 18 Attempted murder, rape and sexual assault Seattle N/A
1/2/74 Lynda Ann Healy 21 Murder Seattle Taylor Mountain, March 1975
12/3/74 Donna Manson 19 Murder Olympia, Washington Never found
17/4/74 Susan Rancourt 18 Murder Ellensberg, Washington Taylor Mountain, March 1975
6/5/74 Roberta Parks 20 Murder Corvallis, Oregon Taylor Mountain, March 1975
25/5/74 Brenda Baker 15 Murder Seattle 17/6/1974
1/6/74 Brenda Ball 22 Murder Seattle Taylor Mountain, March 1975
11/6/74 Georgeanne Hawkins 18 Murder Seattle Never found
14/7/74 Janice Ott 23 Murder Lake Sammamish Park, Seattle 2 miles away, 7/9/74
14/7/74 Denise Naslund 18 Murder Lake Sammamish Park, Seattle 2 miles away, 7/9/74
18/10/74 Melissa Smith 17 Murder Midvale, Salt Lake City Summit Park resort, 27/10/74
31/10/74 Laura Ann Aime 17 Murder American Fork park, Salt Lake 27/11/74
8/11/74 Carol DaRonch 18 Aggravated kidnap Murray, Salt Lake City N/A
8/11/74 Debbie Kent 17 Murder Bountiful, Utah Never found
12/1/75 Caryn Campbell 23 Murder Aspen, Colorado February 1975
15/3/75 Julie Cunningham 26 Murder Vail, Colorado Never found
6/4/75 Denise Oliverson 25 Murder Grand Junction, Colorado Never found
15/4/75 Melanie Cooley 18 Murder Nederland, Colorado 15 miles away, 1/5/75
1/7/75 Shelley Robertson 24 Murder Golden, Colorado Never found
4/7/75 Nancy Baird 19 Murder Bountiful, Colorado Never found
15/1/78 Lisa Levy 20 Murder Tallahassee In her bed
15/1/78 Margaret Bowman 21 Murder Tallahassee In her bed
15/1/78 Kathy Kleiner - Attempted murder Tallahassee N/A
15/1/78 Karen Chandler - Attempted murder Tallahassee N/A
15/1/78 Cheryl Thomas - Attempted murder Tallahassee N/A
9/2/78 Kimberley Leach 12 Murder Lake City, Florida 7/4/78
Method: Methods were various. However, for the murders before his first arrest his method was generally the same. He would cruise in his car looking for a suitable victim. The car had the front passenger seat removed especially for this purpose. He had a variety of ruses to lure the victim to his car. This included impersonating a police officer; and feigning a broken leg or arm and asking for assistance with something.

Bundy would then beat each girl with an iron bar or other similar heavy weapon. He would then drive the victim to a lonely place, where he could rape her and kill her.

The attacks and murders of the 15th January 1978 were less calculated. Bundy broke into the two halls of residence and went from room to room, attacking women with the same oak branch. He also sexually assaulted them.

Sentence: Bundy was given 1 - 15 years imprisonment in 1975 for the aggravated kidnapping of Carol DaRonch. In June 1979 he was tried for the murders of Margaret Bowman and Lisa Levy, and was given the death penalty, which in Florida means the electric chair. At 7.18 am on 24th January, 1989 Ted Bundy was executed.

Interesting facts: Another body was found with the bodies of Janice Ott and Denise Naslund, but was never identified.

Bundy escaped from custody several times. The first time he managed to be free for 6 days before he was rearrested. The escape occurred the day before he was due to stand trial for the murder of Caryn Campbell. The second escape was more successful. He lost weight and slipped through a panel in the ceiling on 1/1/78. It was during this period of freedom that he went on his final killing spree. He was rearrested on 15th February for a traffic offence.

Included in the evidence for the murder of Lisa Levy was forensic odontology. It was shown by studying dental records and x-rays of Bundy's teeth that it was Bundy who had left a bite mark on Levy's bottom.

Thanks to Kathyrn Granzow for the additional information she gave.

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