Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono

Nickname: The Hillside Stranglers

Reign of terror: 18/10/77 - 17/02/78

Motive: Sex

Crimes: Murder of women in and around Los Angeles and Bellingham, Washington:

Date found Victim Age Place
18/10/77 Yolande Washington 19 Forest Lawn Drive, near Forest Lawn Cemetery
31/10/77 Judy Miller - Glendale
06/11/77 Lissa Kastin 20 Glendale
20/11/77 Dolores Cepeda 12 -
20/11/77 Sonja Johnson 14 -
20/11/77 Kristina Weckler 20 Glendale
23/11/77 Jane King 28 Golden State Freeway
29/11/77 Lauren Wagner 18 Glendale
14/12/77 Kimberly Diane Martin 17 Alvadaro Street, downtown LA
17/02/78 Cindy Hudspeth 20 Cliff below Angeles Crest Highway
12/01/79 Karen Mandic 22 Bellingham, WA
12/01/79 Diane Wilder 22 Bellingham, WA
Method: All of the victims had been strangled and sexually assaulted. King and Wagner had been tortured and mutilated as well.

Sentence: In 1984, Buono was sentenced to life imprisonment and Bianchi was given 26 years and 8 months imprisonment.

Interesting facts: Despite the fact that the police knew from early on that there were two men involved in the murders, they still let the press and the public believe that there was only one murderer.The police in fact had very little evidence as the bodies had all been bathed. A boy had seen Cepeda and Johnson speak to someone in a two-tone sedan car on the day of their disappearance. A woman realised she had witnessed the abduction of Wagner - two men in a two-tone sedan car had pulled up alongside Wagner's car and ordered her out of the car. After an argument, she got into the back of their car and it drove away.

The murders of Mandic and Wilder were done by Bianchi alone, as he wanted to prove to his cousin Buono that he could kill without Buono's help. This was the pair's downfall. Bianchi had got a job as a security guard and offered the girls money to house-sit a property for him and then killed them there. When the girls' bodies had been found, the police searched his property and found a large amount of stolen goods. He was arrested for theft whilst the police continued to work on the murder case. On the cellar steps of the property the girls were supposedly house-sitting, they found a few long blonde hair, possibly from Mandic, and a pubic hair of Bianchi. They also found carpet fibres from the house on their clothes.

When the Bellingham police checked Bianchi's name with the Los Angeles police, it was discovered that he had lived in the same apartment as Weckler had lived, where Martin was last seen across the road from and where Hudspeth had lived and been abducted.

For a while, doubts were raised about Bianchi's sanity. Under hypnosis it was shown that he had an alter-ego called Steve Walker who confessed to all the murders. This multiple personality was discredited when another psychiatrist laid several traps for him and he fell into all of them. The police also found many books on psychology at his home and discovered that his academic record from Los Angeles City College was a forgery and in fact belonged to a psychology student called Steve Walker.

Buono was the cousin of Bianchi and was mentioned several times in Bianchi's interviews and during his hypnotised admissions. He had been married four times and all four wives had left him after he had beaten and sexually abused them. He was reputed to be a pimp for under-aged prostitutes, who he would also abuse.

According to Bianchi, Buono and Bianchi obtained their victims by driving around at night, using fake police badges and arresting women. They would then take them to Buono's house, torture them, rape them and then strangle them. They then bathed the bodies, drove to a remote spot and dumped them.

Bianchi pleaded guilty to 7 counts of murder and agreed to testify against Buono to avoid the death penalty. Buono's trial lasted 2 years.

Angelo Buono died of heart failure on 21st September 2002.