Steve Beattie

Date of Crime: 23/7/78

Motive: To claim the $100,000 insurance he had taken out on Mitchell's life.

Crimes: Murder of John Mitchell, 33, Carol Raduazzo, 34, and Patricia Lynn Beck, 18, in the World of Health Spa, Miami.

Method: They were shot several times each.

Sentence: He was given 3 consecutive death sentences. The reason for this was that if they were ever commuted to life, he would have to serve a mimimum of 25 years for each one. This is 75 years in total, meaning he would never get out of prison.

Interesting facts: Some chewing gum was found on the naked body of Beck. However, tooth marks were too vague to be of any use. The saliva type was the same as Beck, so it could have been her gum. A fingerprint was found on her body as well, which proved to belong to Beattie.
Beattie took an overdose and died on the 9th August 1981.