Raymond Baxter

Date of crime: 19/11/70

Motive:Committed when he was caught in the act of voyeurism.

Crimes: Murder of Ivy Virgin, aged 57, from Boston, Lincolnshire.

Method: Virgin died of multiple stab wounds, one in her neck, which was two and a half inches deep; one in her left breast, which was 3 inches deep; one in her left shoulder, which had gone one and a half inches into her shoulder blade; and another wound in her upper left arm, which was 5 inches deep. She also had slash marks on her wrists - typical defence wounds.

Sentence: Baxter was detained at Her Majesty's pleasure, as he was only 15. He was released in his 20s, but immediately arrested again for rape.

Interesting facts: Baxter was caught 8 months after Virgin's death while he was shoplifting. He had with him a knife with a broken tip. This knife was shown to be the knife that killed Ivy Virgin, as its tip had been left in her body.