Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber Date of crime: 7th August 1985

Motive: Money - there was a family fortune of nearly �500,000.

Crime: He shot the rest of his family, five people in all. He claimed that he had been away for the day, come back and found them all dead. He said that his sister must have flipped, as she was prone to doing.

Method: All the family were shot with a semi automatic .22 rifle, dying of multiple wounds.

Sentence: Five life sentences with a recommendation of at least 25 years.

Interesting fact: The police missed many vital clues at first which would have led to the truth being known earlier. Most of these had to do with how Sheila Bamber could not possibly have committed the murders, both because she was not physically strong enough, and because the forensic evidence did not point to her. In fact it proved she could not have done the murders.

Bamber has always protestd his innocence.In December 2002, he appealed his conviction, saying that new evidence had come to light that would prove his innocence. His appeal was dismissed. To hear Bamber's side of the story, go to his official website.